The Gospel Truth Apostolic Ministry, Inc.


​​​​​Pastor Val

Pastor Val is a native of Gary, Indiana and was raised in a Christian home along with her nine siblings. Pastor Val’s inner beauty, gentle spirit and passion for Jesus are an inspiration to those who want to know Him. Through prayer, patience and perseverance, Pastor Val is blazing a trail for God’s kingdom and is fulfilling her destiny.

Excelling in her leadership roles in her churches in Gary at Zion Temple Apostolic Church under Bishop O. C. Garmon and at Mt. Zion Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ under District Elder Nordley Wheeler, Jr.; Pastor Val was elevated through the levels of ordination as a teacher, superintendent, evangelist and eventually co-founder of The Gospel Truth Apostolic Ministry where she was ordained and installed as pastor.

Pastor Val has a deep passion for needy and hurting people, out of which a mission for deliverance, food and clothing outreach and evangelism evolved.

With humility and generosity of spirit, Pastor Val helps God’s children to lead productive purposeful lives.  Pastor Val hosted the “God Favored Me” Radio Program on WYCA Rejoice 102.3AM, and she is a business entrepreneur of a health and wellness line. 

Pastor Val openly expresses her greatest joy in life is being a mother of love and excellence for her son, Bernard Clarke, Jr., a devoted daughter to her parents Deacon Sammie and Mother Ernestine Emory and a pastor to her Gospel Truth members.